I did get my FitBit setup, but I didn’t do very well with tracking my food after the first few days. Back in the old days (maybe 2000-2001), I used a paper tracker with the Weight Watchers program. Tracking was EASY and I had many of my common foods’ points memorized.

I ponder using a paper tracker now, just to jot things down and then log them digitally later. It could work, right?! Gotta try something. I’m not attached to my phone/tablet/computer all day long. Sometimes with the kids, I literally don’t have time to load apps and search things out on my phone. Modern challenges. I’ll get this figured out eventually.

With my FitBit on, I haven’t really done much out of the ordinary. I really do want to change that trend. Since I haven’t though, I found the first weekly email an interesting look at my baseline of activity.

I’m still trying to figure out where I climbed all those stairs! I live on the first floor. I think a goal of 10k daily steps will be a nice starting point. I almost got there one day without thinking about it! Wednesday must have been a busy day.

With all this lack of progress with weight loss, I have actually maintained my weight. I’ll count this as a win, and keep trying!

My Fitness Pal

My husband uses My Fitness Pal app to track food, and I wanted to give it a try. Their database is huge! It was easy to use, but I’ve lost absolutely nothing after two solid weeks of tracking. I think I need to get back to SparkPeople (SP) and the basics. I’ve been doing this portion control, dieting thing for almost 20 years! I know what I supposed to do!! No excuses. I just gotta get on the program and stick with it. I like the encouragement I get on SP. That’s where it’s at. Slow progress is progress.

Acceptance and Improvement are Not Mutually Exclusive

I’m trying to strike the balance of loving my body the way it is and being just disgusted enough to want to change. I tend towards disgusted too much. There’s hopelessness in that side of the spectrum, and I keep finding myself in those trenches.

I want to be ok with my admittedly lumpy body, but I keep hearing the lie that I can’t be happy where I am and lose weight.

It is a lie.

My brain knows it. I can love the body I’m in and work to make it better at the same time. I just don’t know how yet.

Guess I’ll keep going and trying!

Bye Weight Watchers

After running with SparkPeople (SP) for a week along with Weight Watchers (WW), I’ve decided to quit Weight Watchers and join the YMCA instead.

I’m still tracking my food and making healthier decisions – I’ve learned a lot on the WW program over the years! I just feel like, for me, in this season, I will get more bang for my buck having an air-conditioned area to walk in. Summer heat is on its way! Plus, I’ll have an opportunity to add strength training.

This is a good thing.

The best thing is that my husband is going to join me! 🙂