Acceptance and Improvement are Not Mutually Exclusive

I’m trying to strike the balance of loving my body the way it is and being just disgusted enough to want to change. I tend towards disgusted too much. There’s hopelessness in that side of the spectrum, and I keep finding myself in those trenches.

I want to be ok with my admittedly lumpy body, but I keep hearing the lie that I can’t be happy where I am and lose weight.

It is a lie.

My brain knows it. I can love the body I’m in and work to make it better at the same time. I just don’t know how yet.

Guess I’ll keep going and trying!

Bye Weight Watchers

After running with SparkPeople (SP) for a week along with Weight Watchers (WW), I’ve decided to quit Weight Watchers and join the YMCA instead.

I’m still tracking my food and making healthier decisions – I’ve learned a lot on the WW program over the years! I just feel like, for me, in this season, I will get more bang for my buck having an air-conditioned area to walk in. Summer heat is on its way! Plus, I’ll have an opportunity to add strength training.

This is a good thing.

The best thing is that my husband is going to join me! 🙂