Carpal Tunnel

I suspect I might have carpal tunnel syndrome, but it’s odd because I have way more elbow pain than I do pain in my wrist or hand. I’ll probably be seeing an orthopedist soon.

I have found some stretches that work really well for carpal tunnel (and they are good stretches for anyone to do syndrome or not).

  1. Spider Push-ups
  2. The Shake
  3. The CTS stretch

This is a great article with animated images showing each stretch. I’ve also read about ulnar nerve entrapment. There’s some at-home ways to go about feeling better there too.

  1. Keep arm straight while sleeping (with towel or backwards elbow brace).
  2. Nerve gliding exercises.

Here’s to at-home physical therapy!

Trial and Error

There are a great number of ailments that are pretty straightforward: broken arm, sinus infection, pink eye, etc. You have xyz, you treat it with abc (unless that doesn’t work for you and then there’s nmo to try). Done.

The list of less-defined ailments is much longer. Even when they can call what’s bugging you something – say fibromyalgia – they don’t exactly know what to do with you. Research suggests this or that or the other thing will work, but really it’s kind of an experimental, individual thing. You just have to try it and see what happens.

After a year and half of this trial and error, it is easy to get discouraged. Especially since most of it is in error. I’ll keep trying. What’s the alternative? Get less and less functional over time? I do not think so.

I like my current doctor. He’s very honest, straightforward, and smart about things. He’s a thinker/puzzler too. That helps in weird, undefined diagnosis – is fibromyalgia really even a thing?! It is. I know it is. Of course it is. It hurts. A lot. In many places. All the time.

This line of thought sets off a train of movie quotes in my head…

“[Pain] lets you know you’re not dead yet!” G.I. Jane

“I’m not dead yet!” Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
(Did you say in the right voice? hehe)

“Just keep swimming!” Finding Nemo