Writing with one eye open

I’ve been anxious to get back to my computer to write some more on my novel all day (NaNoWriMo). I’ve only just recently sat down to write, except that it’s been such a long day that my eyes are literally closing as I type out my thoughts. I’d manage to get one eye open, and then they’d shut again. Once that thought got written out, my brain stopped giving me relevant information. I’ll get to 5,000 words and beyond tomorrow!

One reason for said exhaustion: It’s a big day – our kitties moved back in with us! That was a lot of driving and not a little setup. My sister generously boarded them since mid-December last year while our new house was being built. She’s amazing. The cats are so cute exploring the new house only after the kids have gone to bed. I don’t blame them!

Now, I’m done writing for the day. 🙂 Good night!