Best FitBit Week Ever!

Moving had been great for my fitness levels! LOL

My weekly report had never looked this good.

I’m motivated to keep this going. I even upped my goals in floors and steps. Of course, I did that Sunday, the day of rest. LOL

I’m trying to keep tracking my food with SparkPeople. I’m not 100% there by any means, but I figure getting my fitness levels up can be nothing but good for me, right? πŸ™‚ I’m heading in the right direction.

The “thing” that’s helped the most is a Google hangout group with my 3 closest weight loss besties. We annoy each other daily with tracking reminders, stickers, and love. A support group is essential to success in this arduous, lifetime journey of better health and lifestyle choices.

We can do it!


I did get my FitBit setup, but I didn’t do very well with tracking my food after the first few days. Back in the old days (maybe 2000-2001), I used a paper tracker with the Weight Watchers program. Tracking was EASY and I had many of my common foods’ points memorized.

I ponder using a paper tracker now, just to jot things down and then log them digitally later. It could work, right?! Gotta try something. I’m not attached to my phone/tablet/computer all day long. Sometimes with the kids, I literally don’t have time to load apps and search things out on my phone. Modern challenges. I’ll get this figured out eventually.

With my FitBit on, I haven’t really done much out of the ordinary. I really do want to change that trend. Since I haven’t though, I found the first weekly email an interesting look at my baseline of activity.

I’m still trying to figure out where I climbed all those stairs! I live on the first floor. I think a goal of 10k daily steps will be a nice starting point. I almost got there one day without thinking about it! Wednesday must have been a busy day.

With all this lack of progress with weight loss, I have actually maintained my weight. I’ll count this as a win, and keep trying!

Starting Again, take #(I’ve lost count)

Morning Notes to Self:

My husband lost 40 pounds over the course of this year, and I’m both super proud and a little jealous. When Harvey hit us, he posted a gain of two pounds over those few weeks. He immediately began working on his plan again.

Whereas, I abandoned my plan long before Harvey.

My husband’s resolve is rubbing off, maybe. I saw my second goal on my SparkPage & it is still unmet.

SparkGuy says start small. So, I’m starting again. AGAIN! Ok. Mini goal: re-setup my FitBit, and go for a walk. Exercise today. No excuses. Just do it today. I’ll set a new goal tomorrow. I can do this. Ok. Yeah. I’m going to do this weight loss thing!

Day One on track

Day in review:

I did not set up my FitBit. I did plug it in to charge, and the day sort of got away from me.

I lost my temper in the late afternoon (long story) and went for a walk toΒ cool my heels. I thought that counted as exercise. When I put in walking for 30 minutes (a generous guess), it said calories burned was 0. I think that means it didn’t count. So, I didn’t track it.

πŸ™ So my two-part mini-goal is a bust on both counts.
πŸ™‚ I did, however, stay within my calorie range. That counts for something! I was a little bummed not to have more room for wine at the end of the day, but I’ll live.

Idea! I’ll pre-track my glass of wine for tomorrow evening so I know how much room I need. Boom.

If you’d like to join me on SparkPeople, please do! It’s free!

What did I eat?

Normally I track as I go along. Yesterday, I didn’t track at all until this morning. It took me all day to remember what I ate! I didn’t really think about my food other than at the moment trying to make the best decisions. That’ll learn me. I need to track as I go along! It’s much easier that way. Plus, I was actually a smidge over budget. Pretty good considering, but I can do better. πŸ™‚

My Fitness Pal

My husband uses My Fitness Pal app to track food, and I wanted to give it a try. Their database is huge! It was easy to use, but I’ve lost absolutely nothing after two solid weeks of tracking. I think I need to get back to SparkPeople (SP) and the basics. I’ve been doing this portion control, dieting thing for almost 20 years! I know what I supposed to do!! No excuses. I just gotta get on the program and stick with it. I like the encouragement I get on SP. That’s where it’s at. Slow progress is progress.


I’m trying very hard to overcome myself when it comes to how ridiculous and inept I am with fitness. This is the video that came to my mind when I flopped onto the mat for the second time, hung my head in defeat, and slunk out the back of the yoga class 30 min early totally spent. I didn’t get very far today, but I’m not done. Maybe, I can get a little farther along tomorrow. Thank you God for this man and this video for helping to inspire and encourage me and many others!