Scrubbing Washcloths

I’ve discovered a great time to crochet. While the kids work on their schoolwork, I work on my projects. My current project is making scrubbing washcloths.

I finished a few and perfected my basic pattern a bit to include a button hole for hanging at each corner of the piece. I’m pretty happy with these! We wash and dry them regularly. They work way better than loofas.

My First Christmas Ornament

I wanted to make something fun and meaningful for Christmas. I’m giddy at how well this turned out!

Christmas Ornament

I used scrapped t-shirts for filling, but I think I’ll use standard polyfill next time – it’s lighter. I also re-wrote the pattern some to make it less confusing. I had no less than 5 false starts! That got a little frustrating. Next improvements are to get a smaller hook and improve how I start the rounds (another pattern rewrite).

Crochet in Action

I’m crocheting something with half-double stitches and 100% cotton yarn.

I’m posting this with the date the photos were taken, but it is currently 2017 and I really can’t recall what this was about. I do like the pictures though. Maybe I was planning a how-to? Haha, who knows!