The following is a note on the cover page of my journalling Bible that I copied over from my true.Identity study Bible (Zondervan). That’s a great Bible to go through!

If we define our true identity by who we are in Christ, by who God tells us we are, then we are unshakable. Then, no matter what happens in life, we know who we are, and we can face whatever comes our way.

Once we understand who we are in God’s eyes, who we are because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we can begin to see ourselves and our lives differently. And when we root our identities in Christ, we have the freedom, security, and confidence to deal with the issues in our lives and not be overcome by them.

Satan’s weapon against you is lies. Explore what God’s Word says so that the next time you hear a lie, you can name the lie and replace it with truth.