Usability Tips with Remember the Milk

Your words can be powerful – add tasks by voice!
via Siri or Amazon

Smart Lists give you eagle vision
via searching notes, due dates, locations, and more. Adding tasks within a smart list automatically take on the properties of that smart list.

Smart Add turns you into a wizard
via the keyboard – type in these shortcuts and have a new task with all the desired settings from the get-go

! Priority
~ Start Date
^ Due Date
* Repeat
= Estimate
# List/Tags
@ Location
+ Give to
// Note

Keyboard shortcuts give your fingertips turbo power
to navigate around the RTM app on the web.

Locations: Where you are powers what you need to do, in more ways than one
not only set a location but also set context with tags.

Sorting, grouping, ordering: your filing system now comes fully loaded
via advanced and custom sorting options.

Advanced search makes you faster than a CSI

Managing projects (and holidays!) like a boss: Tasks + subtasks + subtask subtasks?
everything a task can do, a subtask can do too.

Use an RSS feed of your tasks to achieve …anything!

Inbox Zen: BCC yourself to remind you to follow up on emails
via the email to your own personal and unique Remember The Milk email address.

Review what you’ve achieved – productivity hero status awaits!
via smart lists searching completed tasks.

Excerpted from:

I love this list! There are a few on here that I don’t currently utilize, but I might have to work them into my system!

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