The Soda Stop

My sister and I decided to stop at the quick-e-shop to pick up a few bottles of soda. She got her drink, and I got mine. Cool.

As we walked up to pay, a gentleman strolled in sporting an Aggie t-shirt. I said, “nice shirt” with an Aggie ringed gig’em. He grinned and said thanks with a return gig’em. I love meeting fellow Aggies like this – an instant sort of friendship.

After we got to the car, I’m trying to open my bottle of soda. It won’t budge. I ask for my sister’s help, and it still won’t budge. We look up and my sister suggested, “Hey, that Aggie is coming out. Roll down your window and ask him!” We laugh at the silliness, but I seriously could use the help!

So, I rolled down my window and nearly busted up laughing on the spot, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind helping me open my bottle of soda. Yes, I felt a little ridiculous, but that’s part of the fun, right?

He chuckles and says sure! “One Aggie helping another. No problem.” He then struggles mightily to open this soda. He starts to laugh and asks if we are pranking him and where are the cameras.

It’s no prank and that bottle did not open.

He hollers to his adult son to come on out and give it a try. We’re all dying laughing at this point, because “How many Aggies does it take to open a bottle of soda?”

They give up after a few more minutes of valiant struggles. My adorable daughter insisted on trying before I take it back into the store to request a trade out.

She couldn’t open it either. Whew!

I took it into the store chuckling and trying to explain why I want to switch out this soda. The cashier gave me this chagrinned look and immediately tried his best to open this very closed bottle of soda.

It stayed closed.

I switched out my soda with the cashier’s blessing, and the new bottle opened as you would expect. Whoop!

When I got out to the car, Aggie was pulling away with a final gig’em which I returned, of course. My sister is in the car cracking up laughing. She was finally able to relay that Aggie waited until the cashier gave up because he wanted to know if it would actually open.

I’ve never had so much fun grabbing a quick drink of soda in my life.

Gig’em Aggies!

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