Starting Again, take #(I’ve lost count)

Morning Notes to Self:

My husband lost 40 pounds over the course of this year, and I’m both super proud and a little jealous. When Harvey hit us, he posted a gain of two pounds over those few weeks. He immediately began working on his plan again.

Whereas, I abandoned my plan long before Harvey.

My husband’s resolve is rubbing off, maybe. I saw my second goal on my SparkPage & it is still unmet.

SparkGuy says start small. So, I’m starting again. AGAIN! Ok. Mini goal: re-setup my FitBit, and go for a walk. Exercise today. No excuses. Just do it today. I’ll set a new goal tomorrow. I can do this. Ok. Yeah. I’m going to do this weight loss thing!

Day One on track

Day in review:

I did not set up my FitBit. I did plug it in to charge, and the day sort of got away from me.

I lost my temper in the late afternoon (long story) and went for a walk to cool my heels. I thought that counted as exercise. When I put in walking for 30 minutes (a generous guess), it said calories burned was 0. I think that means it didn’t count. So, I didn’t track it.

🙁 So my two-part mini-goal is a bust on both counts.
🙂 I did, however, stay within my calorie range. That counts for something! I was a little bummed not to have more room for wine at the end of the day, but I’ll live.

Idea! I’ll pre-track my glass of wine for tomorrow evening so I know how much room I need. Boom.

If you’d like to join me on SparkPeople, please do! It’s free!

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