The Martian

The Martian movieWe recently watched The Martian with the kids (10, 9, & 7), and it was great. T doesn’t typically sit through any movie without complaint, impatience, and/or full-on meltdowns. He not only sat through this one, but wanted to watch it again!

It does have some pretty strong language in parts, and it can be pretty intense. For our family, this led to some discussions. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether this is something you’d want your kids to watch. I found this review at Common Sense helpful.

It is exciting and adventuresome with survival, science, and some really great “never give up” & “just work the problem, one at time” kind of concepts. In a many ways, it reminds me of Apollo 13 (one of my all time favorite flicks).

Incidentally, the book is great! It’s also a quick read. I didn’t read it recently enough to be able to comment on language or kid appropriateness. I’ll need to read it again, because T has shown interest in reading the book. My sweet T who does not typically read voluntarily! Wow. We might be onto something here!

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