OwnIt365 Day 2 Notes

Gen 3 The Fall

First, there was something we couldn’t have, and then there was someone to entice us to have it anyway. Second, Satan cast doubt on God by his crafty questions. He also created a desire that wasn’t there before – the first example of marketing/advertising! Third, Adam and Eve lingered and considered. The more they looked, the more they wanted and the quieter the command of God to not to became. Finally, they ate. They disobeyed God.

Job 3-4

Job cursed the day of his birth after all the disasters struck his family, wealth, and person. He did not curse God.

Job 1:8 God was talking with his angels and Satan, and God brought up Job. It’s odd to consider God having conversations with Satan, much less to mention people. What if it was me?

“Have you considered my servant, Deb?”

Eek! Well… even so. It’d be all to God’s glory. I’d just read Job over and over again.

None of the trials Job experienced were a result of anything he did. God called out Job and allowed Satan limited ability to strike Job because… He wanted to? Had his reasons? To show his glory?

Do we need to know the specific “because”? God did so because he can. God is sovereign and I don’t have to understand his reasons to trust him.

Job lost his children, his property, and his health. However, Stan could not do what God did not allow. In everything, God is in control. That is very comforting.

Why God allows suffering…
Romans 5:3-5
We rejoice in our sufferings because they produce endurance -> character -> hope. And hope doesn’t shame or disappoint because of God’s love poured into us via the Holy Spirit.

My storms? Health, special needs children… yes, I have storms. Lord, help me to rely more fully on you!

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